About Kasper

I came to Finland for the first time in 1989. 

The reason was Lapland gold.

About 50 years ago, the small boy Kasper filled his pockets with stones wherever he could get them. About forty years ago I sold my first self-found rock on a german flee market which was the begin of my work in the stone and jewelry business. Aside of collecting, trading and selling minerals small amounts of gold, mainly old jewelry from friends, entered the business. Soon I was interested in the whole story of gold.

In 1989, freshly graduated in geology, I read about gold in Lapland in the small booklet 'Gold in Europe'. The picture of gold from Lemmenjoki captured my interest much more than other localities of the continent: off I went! Finland and its language were total unknown to me. Finally I got a train ticket from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and there, only by the word 'Tankavaara', a Greyhound ticket for the last bit of the journey. I chose Tankavaara because of the Finnish Gold Panning Championships where I hoped to get contacts. And I got them!

I became Lapin hullu, Lapland-bitten. Now I hold together with Finnish gold prospectors the claim 'Lauttaoja' and rediscovered part of the remaining rich pay streak of Tankavaara. Every summer I am happy to share all this knowledge and the gold with our visitors on guided excursions.

Since 2012 I live mainly in Finland, with my loved Finnish "gold nugget" Heli in the village of Vuotso. I participated in a new team of Tankavaara Gold Village and continue in tight cooperation with Gold Village, Gold Museum and local gold prospectors to live, save and share the amazing culture of Lapland's gold prospecting. 

Join us. Welcome to our camp fires!