Certified Gold of Lapland

Fair, Ecological, European

Far north in Finnish Lapland is the last active gold field of Europe. Hundreds of gold prospectors dig about 30 kg gold during the short summer. Hard work without mercury or cyanide, only with water and gravitation. Most prospectors use shovel and pickax, few work by excavator. Muddy tail waters from washing devices passes settling ponds and empty diggings are recultivated. 

Kelo Koru cooperates with local prospectors and is able to offer you this rare treasure of nature. From natural gold nuggets to unique jewelry.

Superficial impurities of the raw gold are carefully removed. It is used in it's natural state or melted and worked into jewelry alloys by Kelo Koru and the refiner Schiefer & Co. from Hamburg as well. The final art piece is handcrafted at the workshop of Kelo Koru in Tankavaara. Bring your own gold nuggets to be turned into a jewelry in front of your eyes! 

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